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Call For Nominations

The Umoja Operation Compassion Society is seeking nominations for new at large Board members. They will:
- Be appointed to specific tasks of the Board
- May be required to be involved in public relations on behalf of Umoja
- Act as mentors of other new Board members
- Actively participate in Umoja strategic decisions

If you are interested in being nominated or know someone who would be a interested please contact the programs manager.
Phone: 604-581-5574 ext. 1


Watch Umoja's News Clip on CTV celebrating Diversity!!

CTV News

Umoja, Opens its clinic in Rwentutu-Uganda to support the community and would be co-sponsoring a battlezone dance event in surrey at ,please see some of the pictures above.
December 17,2011
Umoja will be appreciating volunteers, introducing this new website and having a potluck.You are all welcome to join us!!!
November 26,2011
Umoja would be having an inhouse fundraising, all stakeholders are invited to attend.
November 22nd 2011
Umoja is on Surrey/Delta Leader newspaper!

The Leaders News

The Leaders News

November 20th 2011
The new website is now fully functional and available for all!

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